Welcome to the CreditFulFill blog. My aim with this is to teach the uninformed on how to effectively fix any and all credit repair issues on their own. My name is Edem,  creator of this website and the one and only Credit Prevail Course.

Every week you’ll be able to check right here for benefial content that you can use and apply today in your life regarding credit. I teach you everything you need to know about credit repair, building credit, and leveraging credit for your benefit. Look, mommy and daddy didn’t teach us about credit, and neither did Professor Williams at school. So right here is where you can find all the tools, tips, techniques that work effectively when it comes to credit restoration.

Why Does My Credit Score Suck?

Look, if you fall into this category, I promise you, it’s not the end of the world as long as you know how to fix it. When I was younger and inexperienced, my credit score was like a roller coaster just up and down, up and down, up and down. It wasn’t until I learned the game that I’ve been able to maintain a high credit score getting approvals anytime I like, and taking advantage of lucrative business opportunities, all while using the bank’s money. My goal here is to teach the same things that have worked for me, my students, and clients.

So now, the main drivers of your credit score, are payment history, credit utilization, or the amount of debt you carry each month, credit age and credit mix as well. Have all of these ducks in a row and your credit score will be rock solid, fall backward on some of these things and your credit score will hate your guts and suck all the way to the grave.

Late Payments Will Destroy You…

The number one thing that tanks a credit score is late payments. It amounts to around 30 to 35% of your score. Meaning if you have late payments, your score will drop up to 30 to 35%. So let’s say you’re at a 700 credit score, and you miss a payment, your score could drop a whopping 210 points! Now this is why it’s important no matter whether it’s credit cards, a car, loan or mortgage to set your stuff up on auto pay. On the flip side, one of the fastest ways to raise your credit score is by removing late payments from your credit profile. We have proprietary letters that work like gangbusters to remove late payments.

Adding Authorized User Tradelines That Report…

The second thing you can do to raise your score is by adding tradelines with old age and perfect payment history. So let’s say you added a friend or family member’s card to your account with a $20,000 credit limit and 10 years of history. We also have user tradelines you can purchase, but if you added this to your account, you could possibly see a 75 to 100 point increase in about 30 days. You ideally want to get all your credit cards down to 2% utilization. Now what does that mean? Say you have $1,000 credit card and want to carry a balance of no more than $20 on that card. 30% of your credit score is affected by utilization. These are some the top factors to obtaining an excellent credit score. Now, if you’re saying right now, well, Edem, I don’t have the money to pay those balances down. What do you think you can do to artificially pay those down? Well, the answer lies in this paragraph right here. What you can do is by adding a high limit tradeline to your profile, you automatically lower utilization. An example would be to take that same $20,000 card that we just talked about and add it to your $5,000 balance. Now what just happened is you now reduced your utilization from 100% down to 20%.


Following a System That Works

There’s a few more details regarding tradelines that I’ll get into in future blog posts, but this is a 30,000 foot view of why your credit score sucks right now. Remember to check in here daily moving forward to get the best reliable techniques and systems to help you with credit repair.

If you guys have any questions whatsoever, I’m here for you. Inside my Credit Prevail Course I show you how to remove late payments, repos, bankruptcies, charge offs, and all that easily and quickly. If you found value in what we just went over today,make sure to tell a friend and share this with a loved one because you deserve a better quality of life. You can trust and believe I will do everything in my power to get you there. I want to thank you for spending a few minutes with me today. Be blessed!

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